Contact/Work With Me 

I would love to hear from you. Here are some ways you can contact me:

Recipe Question

  • Shoot me an email with the contact form or your personal email with any questions. If your question is time-sensitive, please type “URGENT” in the subject line.

Business Inquiries 

  • I would love to work with your business. Whether that be brand advertising through social media or a blog post. If you would like to get into contact with me, please email me using the contact form or your personal email.

Non-Blog Related Inquiries

  • You love the blog, but want to work with me in other capacities? I would love to help with anything that I can. Here is my professional website.


  • If the blog post is recent (within 1 to 2 weeks old), I’ll definitely comment back. Come say, “Hi!” 🙂

Can I use one of your pictures?

  • Of course! That would, honestly, be such an honor. Just be sure to credit me.

Email: Sprinklesofsweetness[at]gmail[dot]com

Instagram: sprinklesofsweetness

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