College So Far + Life Update

Hello, friends!


Yes, I did go around campus and force my friend take pictures of me. No, I am not ashamed. 😉

I hope you all are well! I have so much going on in my life, but I wanted to check-in and tell you what I’m up to!

So, it has been about a month since I moved to Austin, and started this incredible journey of college. It has been exciting, overwhelming, and new. Very new. I have a new room, a new group of people around me, a new life. Everything is so unfamiliar.

I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting — because as you know I am too introspective. I need to get out of my own head sometimes.

Anyway, the only way to become stronger emotionally, intellectually, and physically is to be in an uncomfortable situation, so I am trying my best to maintain a positive outlook on everything.

Aside from the life adjustment, I have been LOVING my classes. I have gained such a new point of view on things I never thought about. Basically, my sociology textbook is my favorite book at the moment. Also, I know more about the radio than I know about my iPhone, so if you want to know who founded the radio (ahem: Guglielmo Marconi — no I didn’t call him macaroni for fun). 😉

As far as organizations and clubs go the crazy person in me applied for too many positions. I figured that I would be rejected by the majority, and then maybe get one. But, no. I got all three that I applied for. It’s insane. All of these positions are big-time commitments, but I am incredibly excited to be a part of such amazing organizations. I’m going to go more in-depth in this soon. I want to film the first-semester recap, so I’ll talk about all the details then!

College life is weird. You have ultimate control. You can do homework or not. You can go to class or not. You can party or not. I need to learn to balance myself. I have been focused academically, but I want to make sure that I experience college — and not through the library, only.

Overall, here’s my little recap! College is exciting. Scary. But I have no words to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity.

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August Things

August is over. Where did it go? I am looking for you, August.

Ok, wow, lots has happened!

This month, I went to California for my beautiful cousin’s wedding, and it was a blast. I’m a total family girl. I love spending time with family. All the time.

With that in mind let, you can probably imagine how difficult it was for me to move to college. I moved to Austin mid-August, and while it’s been a wonderful experience, I have also been immensely homesick. Obviously, that’s normal, but I consider my parents some of my closest friends. They have always been so supportive and loving, so this transition did not come easy. However, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I love education. I love the impacts of education. I love learning. So, I am so excited to gain some knowledge in these 4-years to eventually make a positive difference.

I also want to take note and say posting will be very irregular, and I am truly sorry for that. Blogging is one of the activities I adore, but right now my priority is to get adjusted to this new phase and do well! But, I will definitely keep you guys updated because as my friends, you deserve to hear from me! I am also thinking about posting “life update” videos of some sort, so let me know if that sounds interesting. My next post will be an apartment tour, which I am so excited to post– I just need to get some stuff settled. Other than that, as soon as I get into the swing of things I will be throwing a dessert your way. 🙂

Here some wedding photos because who doesn’t love a good picture(s), right?

I feel so conceited when I post so many pictures of myself, but I mean it was a wedding, I am never this fancy. Although, one of my professors asked me why I dress up every day for class, and all I did was laugh. I love blouses and shoes. Haha! Good luck in September, and pray/send positive vibes to all of the people affected by these horrific natural disasters.



July Things

July, oh how I love you. Your sunny days, afternoons filled with laughter, nights filled with movies; a month of memories.

August is officially here, and that means school is almost here. I am sorry for all the college worries lately; it's just that chapter of life.

July started with my dreaded wisdom teeth surgery. I hate the idea of not having control over my words, so I decided to go for a local anesthesia. Meaning: I was numb for the procedure and had nitrous oxide (laughing gas), but I was still completely conscious. I could hear, feel (pressure), and talk. The removal wasn't awful, but the recovery was. I love crunchy, hard, solid foods: cereal, granola, cookies, bread. Eating mush was hard. I just didn't eat a lot, but nourishing your body is important for recovery (and life, in general). Overall, it wasn't a fun time, but it's not meant to be!

I also went to Houston for a wedding! Here are some pictures because traditional clothes are fun, right?

I hope you had an awesome July, and may August treat you well!

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June Things 

Hello July, and goodbye, June! Yes, it is that time. Another month gone, and less of 2017 to live. I feel like I say this every month, but wow 2017 is almost over.

June has been incredibly busy.

I started the month with heading to college orientation, which was kind of intimidating. I signed up for classes, walked (a lot) through the UT campus, and learned a lot about university life. I feel like I’m not prepared at all, which, I guess, is normal. But, wow. I’m just not ready– and that’s coming from the girl who has wanted to go to college since kindergarten. I know it’s the nerves, but as a type A, intense, anxious person, I’m not the most excited. I’ll let you guys know how it goes once I begin!

I also completed the month of Ramadan and celebrated Eid! Here are some pictures:

I also got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, which was terrifying for me. The overall procedure was pretty painless, but the recovery is killing me. I love eating bread, and I can’t. I know, first world problems– I am just thankful I could afford the procedure. 🙂

I hope your June was incredible! I will be posting more soon, I promise.

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March Things

Can you believe March is over? It is officially April, and I am in total shock.

march things

This year just keeps moving, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate small moments in my life, right? This is what happened in March!

I finally got a new camera! I have been using my iPhone since the beginning of this blog (that was in 2014), but this spring break I finally invested in a real camera. I’m still getting the hang of all the accessories and features, but overtime I’m sure my pictures will get better. 🙂 For now you can view my developing photography page.

I also finally announced my College Decision (!!!), which is so exciting. It shows that I’m one step closer to college. Ahh, how? All I keep thinking is how much I’m going to miss my parents!

I also got my senior pictures taken! You can view a couple of them here (aren’t they so good)! 🙂

This month I finished reading The Help, which is officially on my favorite-books-of-all-time list! I couldn’t put the book down. I love books that make me think and reflect on my life– this one definitely did that.

As April begins, so does AP season– ugh. It’s ok, though. This is the last AP season I will ever experience, so I will make it count. 😉

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2016 Things 

2016 is over. It is crazy to type that. I remember writing last year’s recap. I mentioned so many different things that aren’t even relevant to my life now. It’s so crazy to observe how one year can change someone. I am not the same person I was last year, and I will definitely change this year.

In 2015, I turned 16. Now I am 17 years old. That is so crazy. Also, I finally got my driver’s license, so if any of you think you will not be able to get your license just remember I passed my driver’s test– and I am a nervous wreck when I drive.

This year, has been such a blessing. I have been able to experience so many wonderful things– and share these experiences with people I love.

Remember I went to California? Disneyland and and Universal were definitely some of my favorite theme park experiences. 

College applications were a big thing in my life in 2016. I am so excited for the future. So many positive remarks in this post, right?

One of the best experiences I had this year was going on a trip of a lifetime with some wonderful friends. Growing up I would always watch movies with the plot surrounding a group of friends going on a getaway over break. This year, I got to have a first hand experience. In December, I went to the Eastern Caribbean with two close friends (and one wonderful chaperone). We ate food, visited beaches, and had a blast. I will post something soon with more details. I am so grateful for that opportunity. Ahh, it was so memorable.

I also went to Canada, which was also memorable. I got to experience the cold icy winter that Texas refuses to bring (which I am thankful for because while I love the cold… I think I’ve had enough). I will make a separate post with some travel pictures and details soon. 

I know this year has been very sporadic with my posting. It just irks me to think about all the missed posting and lack of baking. Hopefully 2017 will bring lots of desserts, and more posts in general. 

A new thing I’m planning for 2017, is more lifestyle/college posts. I want to create a space on the web where I can share big events in my life along with tips that I’ve discovered in my so far short (but very rich) life. Also, because I’ve just first hand experienced the college application process, I want to produce some college content. So, keep your eyes open for that! 

All in all, 2016 wasn’t great from a worldwide perspective. There was lots of violence, controversy, and death. From a personal view, however, I had many life changing opportunities– and for that I’m truly grateful. 

Now on to 2017, a new chapter filled with graduation, college, my eighteenth birthday, and many more blessings. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this corner of the web. I truly appreciate it!

Happy New Year ❤️, 



June Things

Hi, friends! I haven’t had a super talk-y post in a while (aside from the Cooking Confessions post). One of my favorite thing about blogging is rambling, and giving my opinions on various topics (that you may have no interest 😉 ). So, June is officially over! The end of the month makes me kind of sad because I am one step closer to school, but it also means I am one step closer to graduation. Definitely bittersweet.

This month I took my cap & gown photos! Seeing myself in the gown was crazy. I feel like I keep talking about graduation, but I don’t think I will ever stop (sorry). I also wrote one of my college essays, it is still in its rudimentary stage, but it’s coming along.

These are some of the sample photos (“look and order”), which explains the watermarks. 😉

Aside from school stuff, I have been having a really chill summer. Reading. Watching movies. Baking. Volunteering at a local clinic. Spending time with my family. Sorry for the terse sentences, they add more emphasis, lol.

I have some exciting recipes to share with you guys, so stay tuned. I know my blogging has been pretty inconsistent, but it will become more scheduled soon.

I feel like there have been so many great movies out this summer Finding Dory, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Shallows  (which includes one of my favorite actresses, Blake Lively), Tarzan. Have you seen baby Dory? My heart melted when I saw a picture of her.

I have been reading Anna Karenina, it is very long. I haven’t really gotten into it, so I don’t have a real opinion, but once it progresses I will let you know what I think.

Where is 2016 going? It is going by SO fast!

How was your June?