The Girl Under the Apron


Welcome to my humble abode — I mean, my blog.

My name is Hira, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em) in the vibrant, music-loving city, Austin, Texas.


Some embarrassing pictures does the mind good.

(Pro-tip: if you want to see some thing really embarrassing look through the blog archives. My life was extremely cringe-y.)

I started this blog in the Summer of 2014, as a 14-year-old. My initial goal for the blog was to curate dessert recipes because desserts can solve all of life’s problems, right? Well, at least temporary problems. Cookies, brownies, cake elicit happiness.

However, as I have grown and started to realize my other passions in life, baking has become too limiting. This website has now turned into a lifestyle baking blog. Where I post advice, thoughts, recipes, pictures, fashion. Everything.

My goal for Sprinkles of Sweetness is to continue to not only post decadent dessert recipes but also sprinkles of real life — because life is too short to be superficial.

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11 thoughts on “The Girl Under the Apron

  1. Omg I can’t believe you’re a junior with a blog! Everyone at my school is like junior year = squish in ALLLLL the AP’s. *open mouthed in admiration*
    all your recipes look so classical + delicious too 😀

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  2. Oooh!!! Now I’m excited. You’re a teenager with a blog! WOW! Because I’m fourteen, entering my Junior year in the fall, and I also have a blog. Anyway, now following! And guess what…I have a weird obsession with books too…..

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  3. I realized I hadn’t read this part of the blog yet, so I had to read it. Seeing the picture of your grandfather reminded me of an experience I had in 4th grade, I think. Haha, those were good times.

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