The Girl Under the Apron


My name is Hira, I am currently a student at The University of Texas at Austin (HOOK ‘EM), and I love sweets!

I started this blog summer 2014 (when I was a shy fourteen-year-old. Oh how time flies!) to share my love for desserts (making them, eating them, giving them). I am a firm believer that the best way to make someone’s life better is to deliver a plate of warm brownies or homemade cookies. I mean, when I’m upset, why would I want someone crying with me? Cookies, please!

In my day-to-day life, my friends describe me as a real-life Leslie Knope, which is I take as the biggest compliment.


Here are ten things about me:

  1. I am majoring in International Relations, so I am a huge news nerd. I love to read the news, to watch the news, and to write the news (in my dreams). 🙂
  2. My absolute favorite food is a chocolate frosted donut. The way to my heart = donuts (take notes 😉 ).
  3. I am a total “mom.” If you know me personally, I am sorry for always pushing you around– love you!
  4. My favorite book is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier– not many people have heard of it.
  5. I am an ‘old soul.’ I love black & white movies, granny floral, and reflecting on everything. I’m very introspective (sorry friends for my unnecessary conversations). 
  6. I love ABBA (thanks, dad). I am a dancing queen (… young and sweet only seventeen”). 
  7. I love to travel. 
  8. When I was younger, my dad would give me an ice-cream sandwich for breakfast. Every. Single. Day. (I was a chubby (and cute) kid)
  9. My favorite color is yellow. So many people hate yellow, which doesn’t make sense. Yellow is equivalent to happiness, right?
  10. I have a minor  major obsession with The Lord of the Rings. I am absolutely convinced that it is better than Harry Potter, so if you’d like to debate me on that, then, well, you’re in for a really long conversation. 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed your stay, and please come again!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below (nothing makes me happier than reading a comment from one of you guys)!

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11 thoughts on “The Girl Under the Apron

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  2. Omg I can’t believe you’re a junior with a blog! Everyone at my school is like junior year = squish in ALLLLL the AP’s. *open mouthed in admiration*
    all your recipes look so classical + delicious too 😀

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  3. Oooh!!! Now I’m excited. You’re a teenager with a blog! WOW! Because I’m fourteen, entering my Junior year in the fall, and I also have a blog. Anyway, now following! And guess what…I have a weird obsession with books too…..

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  4. I realized I hadn’t read this part of the blog yet, so I had to read it. Seeing the picture of your grandfather reminded me of an experience I had in 4th grade, I think. Haha, those were good times.

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