2018 Things

Happy New Year, I guess.

We are two weeks into 2019, and I am just now writing about 2018. This post has taken a while to write, but I have been living my life to the fullest; exploring my neighborhood, visiting old friends, creating colorful memories, and indulging in too much chocolate.

The biggest lesson I learned from 2018 is that finding happiness and contentment in the chaos of every day is important, whether it’s treating yourself to an almond milk hot chocolate (my favorite) or watching one more episode of that TV show; being happy is healthy. 

And so, I am now writing about 2018, a year that challenged me beyond my limits, loved me unconditionally, and changed me into someone better.

2018 started off to a normal start. I was at school living the student life. The spring 2018 semester was intellectually enriching. I took my favorite class to-date about qualitative inquiry and the American education system. That class taught me to look beyond the surface–the world is vast full of depth. By March, my life was inundated with papers and exams; it was overwhelming, to say the least, but then spring break came. I relaxed, explored a garden of tulips, and ate too many desserts.


As the semester went on, I got my very first internship — which meant I had to stay in Austin for the summer. Being away from home was a lot. I learned how to find peace in the fact that growing older leads to new experiences, even ones that make you feel totally alone. Although I loved the internship opportunity, the personal struggles I faced made the summer feel miserable. I missed home. I missed running through the park with ABBA playing in my ears. I missed the late night Kroger runs where I would contemplate which flavor of ice cream to purchase. However, being alone really allowed me to blossom into myself. I began to practice self-love and self-acceptance.

My favorite summer memory was going home for the weekend to visit my family. The weekend was so simple. I ate dinner with my parents, went to the eye doctor, shopped at Costco, and then watched a movie with my mom. To someone else, that weekend may have been a usual-routine Saturday and Sunday, but to me those two days were everything. Spending time with my parents and being in a place of familiarity made me so happy. It’s the little things that truly make life rich. 


My heart will always call my childhood house home, the place I became who I am. I have to remind myself that Austin is the place I will become who I want–someone better.

Soon, the fall semester began–and then it ended. This semester of college is where I truly came to peace with who I am. I realized that I could be someone I am not or embrace who I am. I chose to accept myself–and though I am still working through my own personal struggles. I am happy, Allhumdullilah.

Now comes winter break. I turned 19, visited my family in Canada, and reconnected with old friends. This break was much-needed. I feel well-rested to tackle the upcoming semester. Although I am scared of the challenges, I feel recharged and ready to learn, to study hard, and most importantly to grow.




2018 taught me more about myself, the things I love, the experiences I desire, and the people I value. There were difficult moments and happy occasions. I am confident that I will experience the lowest lows in 2019, but I am hopeful that I will gain the resilience to overcome those moments–and blossom into a stronger version of myself, insha’Allah.

2019, hello, my name is Hira. 

I am ready for you; I’m excited to see what you’ll write in my book. 

❤ ,


What did you miss in 2018?

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