When You Have a LinkedIn Crush

Friends, how have you been? I haven’t stopped by in a while, but with school, professional commitments, and life — time keeps on fleeting and I barely have time to breathe. It’s funny how technology was created to make us have more time, yet I often find myself with none. Time, TIME, where are you? How am I a college student? I was just making poor fashion decisions on 7th-grade picture day. #thriving


Dear My Mysterious LinkedIn Crush,

Today, I was scrolling through LinkedIn, and then I saw you. You had so much depth with words, ideas, and impact. I was enthralled. I was speechless, actually. You made my heart flutter. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and I wanted to add you to my connections group. Oh, how badly I want that. That INTERNSHIP, COMPANY, (INSERT IMPRESSIVE THING), ETC. on my resume. So, yes, my LinkedIn crush is on a company and position.

Did you actually think I was talking about a person?! C’mon, friends, I am a young professional.

But, for real. I often find myself looking at LinkedIn and comparing my professional experiences to other people’s own professional journeys. It’s hard to find self-confidence when you don’t feel like you possess unique qualities or skills. However, I am continuing to learn that my own professional journey is so different from others — I have already accomplished so much, and I will insha’Allah (God Willing) continue to do so.

One significant piece of advice that keeps me motived (and sane) goes as follows: Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Often times we compare the start of our journeys to someone else’s voyage, someone who has been working in a field we desire for a lot longer. Remember, where you’re at is perfect — because you’re alive, you’re taking your time, and you’re continuing to grow in incredible ways.

If you are alive right now. If you smiled at least once in the last 48-hours. If you can still dream. Well, then, my friend, your journey is moving at a pace that is perfect for you.

So, to all the LinkedIn crushes I’ve had before (what movie am I referencing? 😉 ), you motivate me — to work hard, to dream big, and to remain optimistic about the future.

Keep dreamin’

❤ ,


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