Summer Adventures

Summer has continued to fly by — as usual. My summer life has been different than all the summers I have ever experienced. In the past, summer was a time for me to sleep in, watch movies all day, and dawdle around my home. This summer, however, has me waking up early every morning, dressing in business causal, and then ending my work day with a calculus book. I’m doing an internship, as well as taking an accelerated calculus class. I’m not sure if I totally love everything, but my life has been so busy it’s hard to keep up. Yesterday, I stayed up until 10:30 PM doing a problem set, and then woke up at 6:30 AM for my internship. Most of my days are inundated with work, math, and food in between. I love busy days, but through all of this, I have continued to wonder if I am crazy.

I am the type of person who constantly thinks about her future. I spend my day planning for my life ten years from now. I always think: what I do today will reflect my life in 5, 10,  15, etc. years. This perspective keeps me focused and reliable; however, it also really affects the whole “live in the moment” aspect of my life. I am a really calculated person.

However, I am trying to find moments of spontaneity and wonder in aspects of my life. This past weekend, I was tired of the Austin scene. I missed home cooked meals. So, I booked a bus ticket and went home. Although I was only in Dallas for three days, I felt this instant happiness.

Waking up in my childhood bedroom, eating in the dining room that has given me so many memories, and running in the neighborhood I call home was so nice. Even though I wasn’t there for very long, I felt happy. I woke up with a smile and went to bed with contentment. Moments, like that, really allow me to reflect on how incredible my life has been. I love my home, my family, and all the opportunities I have, Allhumdullilah.

Living far hurts (as I have said a million times), but I am learning so much, growing so much, and becoming more fearless.

While I was home, I explored my childhood neighborhood. Here are some of of my favorite pictures.


We have to end on lemon raspberry cake — that was absolutely delicious. I want some right now. 🙂

My heart will always call this place home — the place I became who I am. For now, Austin is the place I will become who I want — someone better.

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