Spring Break 2018 + Word Vomit

SPRING BREAK, where did you go? I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

Before spring break I felt like I was dying. I had a million exams, some papers, extracurricular commitments, and just so much more. I thought I was about to shatter into a million pieces; it was absolutely crazy. When I’m overwhelmed I look normal on the outside, but on the inside I’m a volcano — one filled with lava that can’t erupt. Needless to say, this break was exactly what I needed. Although this break was refreshing, it was also incredibly busy with school. I had homework — lots of it. Reading, note taking, essay writing, and planning. I am just thankful I could do things at my own pace and really practice some self-care, which is so important.

So, spring break, what did I do? Besides homework.

I have been trying to implement more healthy lifestyle practices into my daily routine, so I started working out more often, which was so nice. I use to workout all the time, but during my senior year of high school, I just stopped. When I stop enjoying something, I just don’t continue to do it — running really became a burden. But, this break I got on my workout clothes, tied up my tennis shoes, and went outside. I ran, spent time in the park, and really went outdoors; it was so nice and refreshing to be around isolated fields. From a food standpoint, however, I did not eat healthy at all. When I am home with my family, I eat and eat and eat. Food is a way of showing love and food makes me happy — making it, eating it, and sharing it. I ate at my favorite restaurants; I requested my favorite home cooked meals; I ate too much ice cream and cake. And that’s ok.

I also loved just being around my family. My favorite activity is talking. Talking in the car, talking on the couch until 12 AM, talking on the dinner table until the phone rings. We had so many meaningful conversations. I love having deep conversations with people. I don’t care about the weather; I care about you. 

I didn’t really do anything noteworthy like go to the beach, visit a new city, or travel abroad, but this was perfect Alhamdulillah — if only, homework did not exist. One of my favorite memories was going out with my mom. We drove to a tulip farm, took too many pictures, bought dessert, listened to (and obnoxiously sang) old music, and had car conversations. Here are some of my favorite pictures:


Fun fact: I love fresh flowers. Plants are these alive systems that possess so much beauty and life. When I see them I can’t believe all the incredible biochemical processes that are occurring to keep itself alive; it’s truly incredible. Also, I am a bit crazy, but when I see a person who has plants, it makes me so happy. Owning and taking care of a plant shows so much about a person; it illustrates a person’s capacity to keep something alive. We’re getting real off topic here.

I just felt like posting some word vomit today. I really love this blog and all of the things it has brought me — confidence, a community, and ownership. To say that I have a blog that I have designed, curated, and maintained makes me so proud. With so much uncertainty in life; this outlet allows me to feel like I have control. As a control freak, it makes me happy. I am not perfect and nor is this blog, but I have experienced so many growths and changes throughout my life that this blog has been able to capture. From when I was a 14-year-old worried about getting admitted into college to now a college student worried about entering the real world. Having this corner on the web has allowed me to observe these tangible changes. Every now and then I dive into the archives and read what high school me was worried about and I smile. If I could survive that horrific chemistry test, the college admissions process, or that wisdom tooth surgery, what can’t I survive. All the things that appeared so difficult went by, and so will whatever comes my way now. All I have to do is pray and try to remain optimistic — I say try because we all have our bad days.

Well, this went from spring break to reflections real quick, but aren’t the best things unplanned? 😉 Sometimes. Control freak here, remember. I am not going to edit this post because it’s so authentic, so if there are any errors oh well — because that’s life.

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