2017 Things

2017 is over. Wow. What a year. This year has been marked by assault, natural disasters, volatile political spheres, immense change — in my life and in the world.

For me, this year, has been the most significant yet. Not only did I graduate high school, begin college, turn 18 — but I was aware.

I have always been sort of aware. I read the news. I participate in conversation. However, this year I have become aware of the impacts of the news, world, and history. I have recognized the privileges I possess. I have recognized the inherent inequalities built into my community — and the world. I have recognized the various points of view people offer.

I am blown away by this. I use to take my existence on this earth for granted. I am here and that’s that is what I always thought; however, now my perspective has shifted and I say, “I am here and I can elicit a positive change insha’Allah (god willing).”

Each month has gone by incredibly fast. So fast that I can’t really describe — instead, here are 12 images: One from each month to express the big “moment” of that time.



  • I spent winter break in Canada to visit my lovely grandparents. There was snow. It was cold. I was incredibly happy because it doesn’t snow in Texas (usually). The presidential inauguration also occurred, which left me in shock. I wrote this blog post in November 2016 about being hopeful. I am still trying to remain hopeful; it’s getting harder.



  • Valentine’s day = my dad’s birthday. I baked a vanilla whipped berry cake, which was delightful. This year, unfortunately, I will not be able to bake a cake for my dad’s birthday. 😦 I love baking for people; it just brightens their day.



  • In March, I finalized my decision to attend the best university in the world, UT. I just finished my first semester — I’m in awe. Side note: someone teach me how to smile. Please. 😉



  • I got my first real camera and started taking pictures, which I love so much. Check out my photography page — I love taking pictures of people and freezing moments.



  • Prom + graduation happened in May. Choosing between those pictures was tough, but I think this image exemplifies those experiences. I am happy, laughing but also have some fear in my eyes. I wish I could tell myself everything will be fine — because it was and will.



  • June was college orientation, Ramadan, and Eid! Fun times, summer times.



  • I went to an ~interesting~ wedding in July with my family. Here are my handsome brothers, aren’t they the cutest? 😉



  • Another wedding! This time it was my beautiful cousin’s wedding in California. I love family weddings; I just love my family. Also, I moved to Austin and started college — which was fun, scary, and overwhelming.



  • This was me my first months of college. This picture is a perfect summary of who I am as a person. LOL.



  • This picture from October describes how college began to become a little easier. I threw a pie in my friend’s face. I loved my classes. I was doing well.


FullSizeRender 4

  • This is from my our annual Thanksgiving dinner. My family and our close friends meet up every year for a meal, laughter, and too many pictures. I chose this picture because the turkey napkins were too cute not to post about, right? 😉



  • I successfully finished my first semester, I came home, I turned 18! While growing a year older isn’t that significant I did love eating cake, overindulging, and spending lots of time with my family. This picture just cracks me up. (I think I’m getting better at the whole smiling thing 😉 )

What a year! So many memories, lessons, and changes. From a global perspective, though, violence, adversity, and corruption are still very much common themes — maybe 2018 will change this.

I hope 2018 is your year!

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