Thanksgiving 2017

Hi friends!

Do you notice anything different?


Wow. I changed the whole design of the blog! I have had the same pink/purple theme since 2014, and so I decided it was time to clean stuff up and make SOS more “me.” It’s still a work in progress, but I love this clean look.

This Thanksgiving, I didn’t have time to make a mess bake.

Instead, I spent time with my family, which was so good. Really good.

I have missed arguing with my dad about American politics. I have missed having mindless conversations with my mom. I have missed messing with my little brother. I have missed home.

I am incredibly grateful for them in my life. I complain. I cry. I create trouble. Even with all of that they still accept and celebrate me.

In light of all of the horrific situations in the world, I am outrageously blessed to have a family — that cares about me.

I am also thankful for all of you! This blog has been my notebook through high school,  (and now) college, and beyond. I have had the opportunity to document my thoughts, feelings, and (most importantly) desserts.

As you can tell this blog is going through something at the moment, as my life changes and as I grow. Thank you for sticking around. I will be posting soon!

Enjoy this picture of me posing with a fried banana:



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