Tragic Reality: 2017

2017: Natural disasters, mass shootings, presidential problems, foreign conflict.

This year has been rough to say the least. I hate reading the news and see “death” and “accident” flash before my eyes; it’s heartbreaking.

I express my sadness in poetry (nerd alert 😉 ), so here’s a Shakespearian sonnet — yes, I did follow iambic pentameter with the correct syllable count.

Tragic Reality

Abuse, disdain, surround our world today;

Each minute contains something full of hate

Most victims are forgotten by Tuesday

Though we observe this we accept our fate


A tragic life to sustain in, isn’t it?

But we can change this frightful narrative

With committed minds and gentle spirit

The fear can be withdrawn and we can give


The deathly dark gas can be extinguished

Instead a bright light can begin to shine

A peaceful world can open with less red

Less hatred, more compassion; imagine


But will this be apart of my lifetime?

I wonder and wait for the peaceful climb.

Life is difficult, annoying, and complicated, but I am immensely grateful for all the opportunities present in my life.

❤ ,


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