College Favorites

Hello, my wonderful friends!

I have seriously had zero-time to bake. The problem isn’t that I don’t have time (I mean, I don’t but I sleep and encourage mental well-being — take care of yourself). Baking is equal to measuring ingredients, mixing, cleaning, developing they’re are so many components, and while I truly love it, I just can’t seem to find time to do all the things baking entails in one sitting.

I still want to keep you guys updated on college life — so here are some products that have been keeping me alive!


  • Everyone knows I have a major sweet tooth. I could eat dessert for every meal; it’s really a problem. To occupy my sweet tooth, I’ve been obsessively eating chocolate covered pretzels. I love them. Go to your nearest Costco NOW, and buy some — and mail them to me. 😉


  • I have always been a fan of dry shampoo — no water, no time — lately, though, I have been using it. A lot. My favorite is the Batiste dry shampoo. I have tried many different brands and nothing beats this one — the original white type.


  • I love reading the news. I have favorite columnists and publications, but I haven’t had a lot of time to just sit and read (I’m still trying to find balance in my life, which is incredibly hard). To supplement for my lack of reading I have been living for this NPR podcast. It is my favorite way to start the day. I listen to it while I’m getting ready in the morning; it includes everything you need to start your day. I am a huge advocate in staying informed, so this is a great way.


  • I am one of those people who used to trash the earth with plastic bottles; however, now that I’m here it’s not practical to buy water bottles because they’re not accessible — and expensive. I love my water bottle; its environmentally friendly, temperature controlled, and perfect for my bag.


  • I love have visually appealing notes. I take so many notes; I have so much reading. To make things fluid I have the same notes color key for all my classes, and using these pens makes everything somewhat fun. I have already bought two packs.


  • I absolutely love getting ready in the morning, and getting ready for fall is just a bonus — boots, sweaters, scarfs, dark lipstick. I use to go to my local makeup store and pick up my lifesaving concealer, but alas I am living on a college budget. While I do believe in treating yourself and buying things that make you happy; this is just an expense that doesn’t seem necessary. I have been loving the Maybelline concealers they work well and are within my budget.


  • Like most freshmen, I sometimes feel homesick. I miss the familiarity of home. Pictures have been such a great way to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. I am immensely grateful to be here, so looking at pictures reminds me of my family, supporters, and stages of life. I highly recommend to print out all of your favorite memories and put them on your wall or an album.

That’s all for now! I hope you all have been enjoying the weather. I will be posting a recipe soon, I promise.

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3 thoughts on “College Favorites

  1. Love you Hira. You are the best leader, coach and mentor. You can achieve anything you want and on the way will help anyone who needs your help. Stay Blessed! Mama


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