My Country

My family, friends, and memories are in my country. My beliefs, aspirations, and motivation are in my country. My past, present, and future are in my country.

My country is a place where everyone should be able to live a life with choice; a life with freedom; a life with individual value.

My country is my teacher. I have learned from past and present events– lessons of sadness, optimism, and resilience.

My country is my connection with people, ideas, and cultures.

My country is my home filled with opportunities, dreams, and a better life.

My country will never be perfect, but I will try to embrace the imperfections. I will condemn injustice. I will work hard to change misconceptions. I will continue to be a member, friend, and citizen.

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2 thoughts on “My Country

  1. Very nicely written. Love your writing style, persuasiveness and overall messaging. I am learning a lot from this. Reading your blogs & messages is a golden nugget for me. Love and prayers for you forever…. Mom!


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