A Dessert

It’s no secret that I love to bake. What I love more than baking, however, is sharing baked goods with people.

I am a firm believer that sharing a cake, brownies, or cookie with someone will instantly make that person’s day better. I mean, if you’re having a bad day and someone gives you a brownie, isn’t that going to make you smile?

In my group of friends I would call myself the “mom.” I’m someone who checks up on my friends, plans fun days to de-stress, nags uncontrollably, and of course bakes. I bake for bake people in my life so they have a better day. Of course that’s not my sole reason. I mean, I have to be selfish. I also bake to lick the excess batter and eat leftovers. Don’t tell anyone, though. I want to look like a selfless person. 😉

Recently I wanted to actually see the impact of a baked good. Naturally I had to start with baking. I baked mini pounds cakes– anything mini is absolutely adorable. Then I delivered the mini cake to my hairdresser. I’m not in anyway “close” to my hairdresser. She just knows how to tame my wild locks. Anyway, giving the cake felt good.


I love sharing food with people. I blame my parents, they’re the reason I love food.

The moral of this is do something for others. Don’t empty your your bank account, but open the door, share a smile, tell someone they’re amazing. Spread positivity. Be kind.

I’m not trying to sound like a hippy. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

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