The Election Through the Eyes of the Future 

Happiness. Sadness. Frustration. These may be some feeling you are experiencing as an American today.

This election has been a roller coaster. There have been ups and downs and twists and turns. It has been overwhelming to say the least.

As the daughter of Muslim immigrants, this election has been especially eventful. Living in a world where Islam and terrorism are wrongfully associated– it has been interesting to see how my brothers and sisters are perceived by numerous presidential hopefuls.

As the election has progressed, the American people have spoken. They have spoken for Donald J. Trump.

This choice was not my first. Not my second. And probably not my third. But it has been decided through the American electoral system.

We can complain about this decision. We can be angry, furious, and upset. It’s ok. We all feel that way at some point.

But just because our favorite presidential candidate didn’t win doesn’t mean the world is no longer capable of creating the change we desire.

The president is a leader who is elected. He (or she) cannot, and will not, be capable of removing the goodness we can create. A united front is a strong front. We can work together to elicit change.

I am sad. However, sadness won’t bring the change I desire. Working together, discussing local problems, and being an active American will make this county truly strong.

While I am not satisfied with this election– I hope that the future will be bright. Even though Trump will never be the ideal, by giving him a chance, we may surprise ourselves.

Then, again, we might be utterly disappointed– but if we remain static we will never know.

Let’s keep an open mind.

What are your thoughts? ❤️

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