Where have I been? 


How are you?

Wow, you look so much older!

What’s your name again? 

These are the questions and statements I hate to say because, well, that means I haven’t blogged in a while. 

Hi, my lovely friends. I have missed rambling, sharing recipes, and taking an obscene amount of food pictures. 

I haven’t posted in ages, so I thought it would be appropriate to give you an update on my my life. 

As you know, school has started… which means I have been inundated with homework. Every waking minute is write this and calculate that. I haven’t gotten time to do my favorite activity: baking. 

I am currently a senior, which is exciting and scary. I have been writing essays, creating resumes, filling out applications,  going to school, completing homework, and keeping time for extracurricular activities. And let me tell you it is exhausting; but I keep telling myself it will be worth it.  

I miss wearing my apron. I miss eating too many chocolate chips. I miss reading your kind comments. I miss posting. 

I promise to post soon. 

❤ ,


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