California Things 

Hi, friends! I recently went to Los Angeles, CA to visit my cousins, the beach, and Mickey Mouse. I had so much fun and snapped some photos to share.

I went to the pier, and saw a sign blinking “World’s Best Churros.” Naturally, I thought it was my duty to validate the statement. I can now safely say this is one of the best churros I’ve had. But let’s face it, I’ve never had a churro I didn’t like.

This picture was taken for afar, so the picture quality is, well, eh. Anyway, I saw these balloons and had to take a picture, they are so cute. 🙂

I went to Hollywood Blvd., where the walk of fame and wax museums are located. There I saw a Ghirardelli store, and anytime I see a Ghirardelli store I always buy something. It’s kind of like a tradition, or maybe just an opportunity to waste money. I bought a Nob Hill Chill, which is essentially a vanilla milkshake with hot fudge and mini chocolate chips.

I didn’t take many pictures at Disneyland, but I do have this one from Universal Studios Hollywood. I spotted a Minion, so I had to take a picture. And as you can see from my little brother’s Minion shirt he loves them too (actually, more than me).

This picture was taken from the Studio Tour ride at universal. During this ride, a tram takes people through movie sets. It was so cool; this movie set was for the movie War of Worlds (I think!).

This was the entrance of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the park. It had so many people, but the rides were definitely worth it (even though the wait times were crazy long).

I went through Hogwarts while waiting for a ride; it was so much fun.

I also wasted money on Gilly water. Also, known as regular water in a fancy bottle. 😉

This was the outside of universal. There was so much going on and so many stores (even one dedicated to socks)!

We parked in the ET parking closure.

A simple picture of yogurt, haha. I got the one in a cup with M&M candies!

Here’s a beautiful view of the ocean overlooking the city!

And finally, to end my trip I got more dessert. This is a picture of my brother’s because I ate mine too fast, but it’s essentially soft serve with Italian ice over. Who knew this combination would be SO good. I got vanilla soft serve with passion fruit and mango Italian ice.



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