May Things

I can’t believe May is officially over. School is out, and I’m officially a senior. Like, what? May has been the BUSIEST month yet. I had never ending AP tests along with my brother’s high school graduation. In my family when someone graduates it is a big deal; every family member from different corners of the world comes to visit. My extended family stayed at our house and it was an absolute mess, but I love it when my family comes to visit. 

Also, during big occasions there is always a big party. A party with a banquet hall and fancy chairs. So, my brother had a graduation party with lots of guest and food (the most important part, right). It was definitely overwhelming, but at the end a lot of fun. 

This is picture was a family picture! It includes me, my 2 brothers, my parents, & my adorable grandfather (other family members were included in a different picture). 

I also burned brownies. I wanted to take brownies for my for my friends, and while baking them I forgot about them in the oven (I turned off the timer and then forgot about them). 

They look really sad. 

I finished reading The Great Gatsby, which was one of the best mandatory readings I’ve ever had. I loved all the characters depth and the ease of reading. Read it if you haven’t! I also watched the 2013 movie, which was also really good. It was colorful and the music score was interesting with the 1920s. 

Overall, I know posting during the school year has been rough. I have had SO much stuff to do, but I promise that summer = more posting!



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