January Things

Is January really gone? I can’t believe that we only have 11 moths left until 2017. The year really needs to slow down! This month has been SO busy, and so will February. This month I had an explosion of school work, which was very stressful. And now, my school is already having me choose my senior classes! Ahh, senior year is right around the corner, I’m so excited. But, really it’s very scary. I have no idea what classes to take.

Side Note: I know I have mentioned “Senior Year” quite a bit, but I’m just so excited. 😀

Instead of boring you with the details of my countless homework assignment, I will tell you all the fun things I did this month.

I celebrated New Years, which was a total blast. We had too many cakes (never a bad thing) and lots of food. New Years in my house is a pretty big deal. My mom goes all out and decorates the house, invites people, and gets way to hyper (that’s where I get it from 😉 ). I also discovered a new podcast that I’m loving. It’s by the New York Times, which by the way is the best news medium. I read the NY Times way too much (“I” even have an online account, where I pay a monthly subscription fee).

Overall, as you can see, my month was pretty boring. 🙂 It’s okay, because I have a great recipe to share with you soon.

Have a sweet week,

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