Food Photography with an iPhone

So guys I took the SAT (college admissions test) today, so I haven’t made anything! However, I will be sharing a recipe soon.

As most of you guys know I don’t own a super fancy camera. But that is okay because you can still take pretty pictures with just your phone! Today’s post is all about taking pictures with your phone. First the details: I use an iPhone 6s, however, when I first started this blog I was using and iPhone 4s (I only recently started using the 6s, so all the most current post are used with the new phone. But anything prior to that was taken with my 4s). Let’s get into it!


Lighting: To me the perfect picture is taken when there is a lot of natural sunlight. I don’t own photography lights, so I try my best to take pictures in natural light.

Back Drop: Have fun with your backgrounds. I usually just show my granite countertops, but you can use tablecloths, wrapping paper, the possibilities are endless.

Color: It’s hard to take pictures with boring colored food. For example, oatmeal it’s a boring brown pasty color; however, add strawberries and boom the color makes the picture look appealing. Plus, who doesn’t like strawberries?

Editing: I’d be lying if  I said I don’t  edit my pictures. I don’t manipulate them to the point that they look unrealistic, but I do fix them up by adding more lighting, fixing the focus, and removing any visual imperfections (like, if there is a big dark spot on a banana) .

Any tips I left out? Comment below I’d love to hear from y’all (the Texas girl in me had to say that 🙂 ). What type of camera do you use to make your pictures awesome?

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