September Things 

So… September is over. I can’t believe it, like, yesterday I was starting school, but now it’s been a month. And because school has started homework has been assigned, and because homework has been assigned I have started digging my grave. But, let’s be positive, okay? When I am super busy I usually neglect things that are important to me, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts (there’s really no excuse, but hey!). Also I haven’t texted my BFF Brittany in AGES- I’m the really good at holding long distance relationships- so sorry Brittany, I miss you (I will text you soon, hopefully)!

Anyway what did I do this month let’s see… I celebrated Hobbit Day, celebrated my blogiversary, and read one book. I read Of Mice and Men by: John Steinback for an assignment.  I’ve read the book prior to the assignment, but reading it again was just so sad. The whole plot is just not my kind of book.

On the Blog this Month:

Chocolate Cake with Cheesecake Center + My First Blogiversary!

Let’s Get Personal #2

Chocolate Frosted Donuts + Happy Birthday Bilbo & Frodo

I know my posting has been inconsistent, but I will be posting soon!

Have an awesome weekend. 😀

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