Seattle Things

Today’s post has all the pictures I took on my recent trip to Seattle, WA. For this post every night I added pictures little by little and added captions so I could document everything!


I bought this book the day it came out, but forced myself not to read it until I came to the airport. Let me know if you want a book review!

This was a picture from the balcony of the place I was staying! It was around 9:45 and all the buildings lit up. Oh, I love the city.

I’ve only had frozen yogurt a couple of times in my life (I’m an ice cream kinda girl), so this was a new thing! I got cookies & cream (duh!) and cake batter with cheesecake and m&ms.

I went to Cinnabon! I rarely go to Cinnabon, so this was definitely a treat! I ordered 5 cinnasweeties- they were basically cinnamon covered donuts, and boy were they delicious!

So this was a donut. A good donut. Actually an amazing donut, anyone who knows me knows I like love chocolate frosted donuts. This was from a restaurant called Top Pot, it has locations in Seattle and Dallas (score)!

This was by the water. You can see the city from a distance, so it looks like the city is floating on the water.

 I went to a bakery (I forgot the name) and got an eclair with a chocolate filling. Needless to say, it was delicious.

I went to the Woodland Park Zoo, and I was very disappointed. I’m not an animal lover, but I enjoy the zoo. But this zoo was depressing. However, I still got a few pictures (just for you)!

  I went on the Great Wheel of Seattle it was so pretty because you could see the whole city. Here are some pictures:


 I ended my trip with a donut (they both weren’t mine) and finished the book A Separate Peace by: John Knowles.

That was my trip! I’m so thankful that I got the opportunity to go on vacation it was a blast. If you have any questions comment below or anything specific visit the Contact Me Page I would love the hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Seattle Things

  1. I love the Seattle pictures. Especially ones with moon light and the city floating on water. Thanks for sharing!


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