June Things

Oh, my I cannot believe I’m already writing a “monthly recap” post for June! June has gone by so fast, and I’m not too happy about that because that means summer is almost over. But, it does mean, winter is closer and I love the winter time. This month I started one book and completed another. I finally finished Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand) and started The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins).

Here are some pictures I snapped this month:

I went to my local grocery store, and saw this! Needless to say, I was very exited. But I didn’t purchase it because a lady in the store said they tasted bad. I might still buy them, though. I have a feeling I would make a rice crispy treats with them.

I don’t order pizza often, but when I do I love getting a hand tossed pizza with LOTS of jalapeños. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it, pizza isn’t the same without them (jalapeños)

I know I said I would try to take more pictures, but if I’m by doing anything interesting I can’t really take any pictures. However, July will be way more interesting! I’m planning on going to California, so there will be a lot more pictures I promise.

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