Baking101- The Bakers Gift Guide

As you probably already know I love baking! So, today I’m going to share with you what you should get the baker in your family. I love to bake so when someone goes out of their way to find certain baking items in certain colors and patterns it makes me feel very special. These products are things I would buy, also wait till the end of the post for a cute wrapping idea!

Mixing Bowl-

You can never have enough mixing bowls in my opinion. This one is especially pretty because it is pink and adorned with the word ‘Peace’ I found it here.

Cookie Cutters-

Cookie cutters are also a very basic product. These ones are perfect because they are pink and flowers- I found them here.

Oven Mitts-

I know almost all bakers have oven mitts, but the more the merrier! I found these beauties here.

Baking Necklace-

This is by far my favorite item! It looks classy, clean, and delicious- I found it here.

Cook Book-

This is great to help someone expand their collection, here are a few of my favorite!

Chocolate Covered Katie
Sweetapolita’s Bake Book
Sally’s Baking Addiction
The Pioneer Woman

Now to wrap all of these saccharine items! You can always grab a gift bag, but that’s boring. Instead, place all the items in the mixing bowl. Next grab plastic cellophane gift wrap and create a gift basket topped with a bow.

QOTD: What has the best gift you’ve ever received?

The best gift I’ve received for my birthday, was going on a cruise! My family and I went on a cruise with our extended family. It was a family reunion, where we created many memories.

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