Baking 101- Are mixes a good or bad?

Baking mixes are convenient, easy to use, and produce a pretty good final product. So why do people resent them? Well people believe that mixes are not the “right way” to bake. While there is no definition on what the right way to bake many believe that baking should have authenticity which can only come from scratch made desserts. Now my opinion, I think mixes are out there to be used and that they are great time saver. The only problem is you can’t tailor the ingredients- meaning you can’t choose how much flour or sugar goes into the final product. Now for my rule when it comes to mixes, I use mixes when I’m in a time crunch, when I have to bake for over 50 people, and when I want to experiment with add ins.


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QOTD: What is your opinion on baking mixes? Are theygood or bad?

2 thoughts on “Baking 101- Are mixes a good or bad?

  1. I think baking mixes can be very helpful whenever you’re in a hurry. They are easy to make and are usually really delicious!


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