Baking101- Baking Tools

Baking requires a lot of tools, so in today’s post I’m going to write about my favorite baking tools. Now guys, let’s get real who has a whole bunch of money to spend on nifty baking tools. So all the things below are things that I believe to be total lifesavers!


1. Cupcake Pan- cupcakes are in my opinion one of the best desserts because they are portable, affordable, and down right delicious. Needless to say, cupcakes pans are one of my favorite baking tool because you can make cupcakes, mini quiches, cookie bowls, and other crazy concotions.

2. Cake Pans- I know the picture above is a spring form pan, but one of the most important baking tool is a cake pans. I mean baking and cake pan are practically synonyms. Also they are extremely important to make beautiful cakes.

3. Whisk- I think when people think baking they automatically think whisk because whisks are the most universal tool. I don’t know any recipe that does not need a whisk, I mean is that possible.

4. Cookie Sheet- cookies are probably one of the best baked dessert or snacks ever. They are easy to make, easy to freeze, and easy to eat. If you don’t have any baking tools this is the one I would highly recommend, because it is so versatile. You can make cookies, chips, roasted nuts, and much more

5. Mixing Bowls- I think everyone has mixing bowls, but I had to put this on my top six list. I don’t think any words are need for this one so I will just keep typing pointless stuff.

6. Spatulas- oh spatulas, I love them. When I was a kid I thought spatulas were the best baking utensils, because of their firm sophisticated look and their colorful tops.

Photo Credit: Whisk/ Spatula/ Cupcake Pan/ Cookie Sheet/ Cake Pan/ Mixing Bowls

These are my top six baking tools! So if you have just started baking these are my recommendations.

QOTD: What baking tool can you not live without?

Aforementioned, the famous cookie sheet would be my weapon of choice.

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