February Things

I have decided to start a new series on the blog that gives a recap of my month and some of my favorite things about it, I have seen similar post on different blogs, so I’m excited to share with you what my month has been all about.

February was a month filled with excitement from the weather. It doesn’t snow a lot where I live but when it does it is extremely exciting! Also snow equals baked desserts and hot chocolate.

I know this picture isn’t that great in quality, but I tried (maybe).


Aside from the unexpected snow this month everything was pretty normal, but that’s fine!

QOTD: What book have you been reading this month?

The book I read this month was called Rebbeca by: Daphne du Maurier. Let me start by telling you this is not your typical mystery and that is not a bad thing. I recommend this book for anyone who likes a good mystery or needs a good book to read.

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