Baking101-Baking Staples

As you probably already know I bake a lot. That means I always have basic ingredients on hand, I know baking is not cheap so I try to be economical but try no to skimp on any necessary ingredients. So here are some ingredients all bakers should have on hand!

Chocolate Chips- they add sweetness to any dish and are great snack (I may or may not eat chocolate chips daily).



White Sugar: White sugar is the main ingredient in almost all baking!


All Purpose Flour- to create classy cookies or beautiful brownies, AP flour is a must! image

Vanilla Extract- This ingredient is extremely important, once I forgot to put it in some cookie bars and let’s just say they were a “hit”.


These are just a few ingredients that are stocked up in my pantry daily! Question of the Day: what do you want to see for the baking101 series next (next baking101 post will be all about pancakes).

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