Baking 101- How to Cut Brownies Perfectly

Hi friends, I’m going to be starting a series on the blog called baking 101. In this series I will teach you basic baking tasks! Today I’m going to give you my tips on cutting brownies and bars perfectly. Perfectly cut brownies look clean and classy. Have you ever made a delicious batch of brownies and went to cut them but they turn into a mess? Well here are some tips to avoid that.


♥ Make sure your brownies have cooled completely.

♥ Use a serrated knife.

♥ Make sure you wipe your knife after each cut.

♥ Stick parchment paper or foil to ensure that the brownies won’t stick to the pan.

♥ If cutting brownies isn’t you thing then just skip it all together and bake in muffin pans!

Brownie Bites!
Brownie Bites!

Voila you have just learned how to cut your brownies like a pro! Comment down below for any other baking 101 tutorials for any future posts.

Beautiful Brownies!
Beautiful Brownies!

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